July 9, 2008

How we spend our time

I finally got a new phone. I had my old pink phone for more than three years (which is about 1 billion in technology years) and desperately needed a phone with a battery that could last longer than .2 seconds.

The only good feature of my old phone was its pinkness. No color screen. No camera. No texting keypad. No Internet. You know, the necessities.

I came home with this:

Hello gorgeous.

I know, I know, the Blackberry isn't really the perfect fit for a stay-at-home mom. But it is so pretty.

Before this week, I had sent about five text messages. I never understood why people would text and not call or e-mail.

But since Monday, I've turned into a texting maniac. So if you have my number, text me. It'll make my day. I still get giddy.

I also discovered how handy it is to have texting and Internet. Last night, our power kicked off for over an hour during the storm but boredom never came to Hubby and me.

(One of us may or may not have looked up the lyrics to Blessed Union of Souls's "Light in Your Eye" and may or may not have serenaded the other with the ENTIRE song, thanks to a handy-dandy lyrics Web site.)

And while I've been texting away, Madeline has taken to walking in circles around the house, carrying a purse my mom gave her for her birthday.

It must be innate for girls to know how to carry a purse. I don't think I've carried a small purse in the crook of my arm since she was born. (I still lug the ginormous diaper bag around on my shoulder.)

But at least our interests are compatible right now. While I'm texting away, she's very entertained walking in circles.

I never got a good shot because she is on the move!

it's hard work being a girl

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