August 12, 2008

Gold medal for ugliest cake

Exhibit A: Why I bring salads to dinner with friends and family

I love watching the Olympics. It's amazing to watch people perform extraordinary feats and shatter world records.

Now watching the Olympics should inspire me to become more active and fit and get off my bum, but in reality, they make me think about becoming more active while I gorge on food and sit on the couch for six hours.

Oh yes, how the Olympics make me want to eat.

This year, I had a grand plan to make a fabulous Chinese dinner for the opening ceremonies. After a long week, this idea materialized into burritos and taco salad from Qdoba. Nothing says "Beijing" like pico de gallo and mole sauce.

On Saturday, I finally made an authentic dish, peanut Pad Thai. Then I found out it's actually from Thailand. "Oh, it's Pad Thai." 0 - 2.

Desperately craving something chocolate, I decided to make Roselyn's blackout cake. (I hope you had the pleasure of eating this delicious cake before the bakery shut down.) While the cake actually tasted good, it looked nothing like the pretty three-tiered cake in the cookbook.

How to make the ugliest cake
1. Start baking at 9 p.m. on Saturday.
2. Make sure to begin 10 minutes before Michael Phelps' first race so you immediately regret your decision 30 seconds into beating the butter.
3. Choose world's hardest recipe that includes four (count 'em, FOUR) separate recipes for one cake.
4. Take two and a half hours to complete project and completely lose appetite for anything chocolate.
5. Give up looking for cake stand at midnight and use dinner plate.
6. Create layered mushroom-shaped turd-of-a-cake and go to bed.
7. Eat your weight in chocolate cake for the next three days.


Beth said...

Odd. I got the desire to make a funfetti cake on Sunday.... mine was from a box though so, ya know, it came out okay. Definitely agree: Olympics=cake. It is universal. ;)

Katie said...

That's a cake? :)

Katie said...

Katie, I think you summed it up.

Jen said...

hahahahahahaha....oh Katie. I have tears in my eyes from laughing.

Though the cake does look funky, chocolate is chocolate.

And Roselyn. I miss that wonderful place.

nosmallthing said...

This is SO something I would do. It really doesn't matter how it looks, as long as it is chocolate!

emily ann. said...

Need any help finishing it off??? :)

steph said...

I burst out laughing when I saw that cake. If it was good, I think that's all that matters. (good food AND a funny story) :)

Kelsey said...

That is so weird looking haha

Jason Mayes said...

Katie, thanks for the laugh. Your writing it great.

Jason Mayes said...

"is" great, not "it" great.

Jennifer Howell said...

I so wish I had pictures of Brennan's disaster cupcakes (Biscotti-like, remember?). Then we could see which is worse!

FishMama said...

Oh my! I love it that you can laugh at yourself. Don't worry - you're not alone. I've had PLENTY of bombs.