August 26, 2008

An open letter

Dear CVS "toilet paper,"
When I perused the aisles for a CVS-brand filler item, I spied you perched lonely on the shelf. I was thrilled to bring you home for free and I was proud of my decision. I chose a family necessity rather than my weakness in a bottle (cucumber-scented lotion).

But "toilet paper," you disappoint me. If you were created to be a prank rather than a product, consider yourself a sterling success. If your goal in life is to drive weak, doubting people back to their first love of Charmin, then you can reap your reward. Were you always meant to be 0.273 of a ply or did someone fall asleep at the factory on the day you were created?

Joe says you're worse than cheap gift tissue paper and I have to agree. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, but you hurt my bum. And there's no need for that.



Jane said...

This made me laugh!!

They say 'you get what you pay for.' Since you paid nothing, you can at least be thankful you received
.273 of tissue, so you got somethin'. : )

Thanks for the heads up on never buying CVS wanna-be toilet paper!

Jen said...


emily ann. said...

Oh please tell me you're really going to send this to the company! :)

Jennifer said...

Dear Katie,
I think you should submit this to the "Letters From a Nut" author(check for this). I really think it is usable :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie
I guess this post is better than any for my question... I saw something about you on Money Saving Mom. I am wondering about your formula deals at CVS. I am new to formula (due to a brain tumor !!! I can longer breastfeed. I am using Similac and I only see coupons, samples, etc. for Enfamil. Any ideas you can give would be great. mu email:

Kirsten said...

My thrifty nature stops with the TP, as does my eco-consciousness. Food from Big Lots? Yes. Thrift store boots. Yes. But when it comes to my tooshie, I will pay for comfort.

So, two words: Kleenex Cottonelle. It's the only way to go.

Kristenk@nosmallthing said...

Ha ha ha! What a hoot!

Kristen said...

You are braver than I am. I actually talked to one of my roommates about this and we decided that it is always worth buying the name brand. We were momentarily tempted to buy Trader Joe's TP once, but we resisted and I am still proud of our decision. That's just not something we are willing to skimp on.

The Clark Window said...

I sooo love your blog :)