August 6, 2008


My friend Janna gave me a pair of adorable polka dots flip-flops. It was love at first sight.

(I wish I could take the picture with my feet in them to also show you my new favorite nail polish color but that would require posting a photo of my crinkle toes. And there's no need to put that image out on the Internet.)

But there was more in the box. Oh, so much more. These sandals, called Switchflops, have Velcro under the fabric so you can change the look without buying new shoes. (Don't let the word "Velcro" scare you off. I promise you won't look like a 2-year-old.)

"I know! Ah-mazing!"

She gave me two additional fabrics so I can change into whimsy green and blue...

or stripy orange.

Seriously love these shoes.

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