September 11, 2008

Madeline and her daddy

DISCLAIMER: Sappy post to follow

As I pulled off the pictures from a trip to the park, I realized they were image after image of Joe helping, guiding and playing with Madeline. They pretty much melted my heart. I am so thankful to have a husband who takes his role as a father seriously by frequently not being serious.

During the day with me, she does incredibly exciting activities like reading "Boundaries in Marriage."

When Joe comes home, it's time to kick around the soccer ball, pick fresh tomatoes from our garden and ride around on Daddy's back.

Going to the park was no exception. I snapped pictures on the sidelines while Joe jumped on the equipment with her and showed her all the park had to offer.

And I loved watching it.

let the fun begin

at least Madeline has one parent that doesn't worry about fitting their hips down the slide in front of everyone

she loved this gigantic ball that rotates on water; I was fascinated too

in addition to our other wonderful traits, we hope she gets our incredibly deep and thought-provoking sense of humor


mediocreperfectionist said...

Ahhh... those awesome daddy photos made me tear up a bit. SNIFF

I have the hardest time getting Vin away from the floating ball thing too. Did you guys go into the Nature Center and check out the mud puppies? Creepy but cool.

Katie said...

Daddy's are the best! Its so true that they are so much better at playing. Why is that? Maybe because they haven't been with the kids all day long disciplining, cleaning up mess after mess and eventually wanting to rip their hair out. They walk through the door and the kids think seeing his face is the best thing in the world and after all the sweet kisses and hugs and "oh Daddy's" of course all he wants to do is put everything down and play. Who knew washing dishes in a quiet kitchen could be so wonderful? :)