September 6, 2008

Not a Mother of the Year tactic

Sometimes I allow a negative behavior in Madeline to continue because it entertains her for the moment. I realize this is a terribly near-sighted way to parent but it's not like I'm encouraging her to run with scissors or climb into our stove.

Just allowing her take all of the books off the shelf because it guarantees me at least 15 minutes. And since I probably couldn't stop it if I tried, I might as well clean the kitchen while she's at it.

Anyways, I organized the junk in our house yesterday. Our kitchen junk drawer, nightstand drawers and Madeline's toys were in desperate need of attention. It felt good but it meant I needed Madeline to be entertained by something other than messing with all the piles of paper, batteries, hair clips, coins and other random items.

But she was drawn to the coin pile like a moth to a flame. She was so happy to carry coins one at a time from the living room to "somewhere" in the house and I let her. (She was happy for over an hour. Need I say more?)

After a little while, I realized I should discover her stash and she led me to our bedroom.

Yes, I am letting her carry around nail clippers because they entertained her. May I add she was heavily supervised with them?

"Look, Mom!"

Madeline's piggy bank

And yes, after discovering the stash, I let it continue. It took me 30 seconds to get the coins back but an hour for her to fill it. It was worth every penny, nickel, dime and quarter.


emily ann. said...

That is PRICELESS!!! :)

Courtney said...

Very funny. I also let my youngest carry around nail clippers. How old is M? She looks the same age as mine (20 months).

Jennifer said...

Oh, Katie...I love you. This story made me laugh so hard!

PS: Zach and I both have Blackberry's now...story will appear on blog shortly...but this means we can forever be texting/picture-sending/having-unnecessary-phone friends!

kristen@nosmallthing said...

I do the same thing with paper clips...Ella takes them, carries them from the desk drawer to the coffee table (in the same room), and then when I say time to clean up, she puts them away, one at a time. That takes awhile when you're talking about a couple hundred paperclips. :)