October 23, 2008

Because, ya know, I enjoy lying to myself repeatedly

I have a longstanding, currently unreached goal: to sort, wash, fold and put away all of our laundry in one day.

It doesn't sound hard. It seems attainable. It appears simple.

Which is why I always think I can do it. I even look forward to laundry day because I tell myself it will be a glorious break from the rest of the week. This is the part where I lie to myself over and over again.

I think I'll watch a movie while I sort and fold. I tell myself not to do anything else but just focus on laundry and get it all done.

But laundry day dawns and somehow I can't focus on just one thing. Get this: there's a toddler in the house who demands my attention and *gasp* has needs.

And even though I tell myself to always has the dryer running, I can't bring myself to turn it on after Madeline's been napping only 20 minutes because I know she'll wake up and who am I to deprive her some precious sleep?!

And then I forget to switch loads. Until, like, the next morning.

Also, a teensy, tiny part of this problem might be my basement phobia. Just maybe.

Today is day three of laundry "day." I'm still not done.

And ten bucks says come next week, I'll have the same fantasy of reaching my impossible goal all over again.


emily ann. said...

Oh Katie - I feel you here! We don't even have a little one yet and I can NEVER get it all done in one day! What is it with laundry!? THEN when you do FINALLY finish it, you look over and 5 shirts have magically appeared in the basket. sigh It's like the adult version of the Neverending Story.

Katie said...

Hahahahahaha that's so true. I swear, three of Joe's shirts are in his laundry basket before he even comes home. Very strange indeed.

Jen said...

Yes, it is a book and it is very good.

This is my second time reading it---we are going through it now in my small group.

Courtney said...

Laundry never ends! I can't tell you how many times I've had to wash stuff twice because I forgot about it overnight in the washer.

I'm terrible at folding stuff and putting it away. I don't know why we even have a dresser ...

jruetz said...

haha I never ever put our laundry away- I wash it, dry it, fold it, no problem. and then it sits on my floor pretty much til i wear it.

kristen@nosmallthing said...

We have what I like to call "the laundry chair." It is a beautiful, brand new occasional chair that I adore. However, it is always filled with laundry to fold.

I have worked it so that the children earn little coins when they fold it. :) the only problem with that is that they are not very good folders. But I'm working with it.

I'm like you, I always have these great ideas about having it all done. And by Wednesday, someone is complaining of no socks, or no underwear or something, and I wonder how the heck that happened. I think it's nearly impossible to do laundry all in one day, unless you have no children at home, and you plan on doing nothing else that day. Someday, Monday will be my laundry day, and I WILL get it all done. (I delude myself, too. :) )