October 6, 2008

A few benefits of children

A child brings so many things into your life. Like love, joy, laughter. I knew these would be coming even if I didn't understand the extent of their wonderful-ness.

However, I've also learned that a child brings other things too. Tangible items. Some are not so great, like the ginormous exersaucer that I have banged my leg against more times than I can count. Or the musical "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" book that sings when it is opened and scares me to death every time.

But some things are truly wonderful items that I had forgotten about. They are so great, in fact, they should fall onto the pros/cons list, "Why Have Children." (Oh, I jest.)
  1. Wet wipes. These are awesome. If you have a child in diapers, you will always have them with you. (Or at least you hope you do.) They clean up nearly every mess and have been especially helpful for me, someone who constantly drips and drops food all over myself in public.
  2. Raisins. I forgot how much I love raisins. Especially on salads. I am not really a salad girl but give me lettuce, raisins and ranch and I'll devour the bowl.
  3. Cheerios. I also forgot how much I love a bowl of Cheerios. However, I've been finding them in the strangest places since Madeline ate on the move, the strangest of which was under the sheets of our bed. No clue how they got there.
  4. Stains. This might be pushing the limit but as someone who constantly stains her shirts (above point #1), having children legitimizing these stains. Everyone assumes Madeline caused them. Is it necessary to point out that I actually dribbled spaghetti sauce myself? I don't think so.
If you were wondering, the "smile" is still the same. Oh, and apparently a headband on Madeline makes her look like the real Baby Einstein.


Beth said...

Okay, I totally just laughed out loud in class when I saw that picture. My prof now thinks he's HILARIOUS b/c I cant' stop giggling. Thanks Katie. ;)

Steph said...

I just laughed out loud as well, but it is just my dogs that witnessed it (miraculously, all my children are sleeping) Thanks for making me smile! :-)

Jen said...

I LOVE Cheerios. Seriously---I was on a kick for several weeks---regular Cheerios, yogurt Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerrios, Mult-Grain Cheerios. I would eat them for breakfast with milk, I would eat handfuls right out of the box.

steph said...

This is a glorious photo! Oh and I keep thinking I need to get some wet wipes for my car- I know they would help a lot.

kristen2nosmallthing said...

I LOVE that smile! So precious!

Courtney said...

Greatest smile EVER!!