December 18, 2008

Conan is on his second round. This is very, very bad.

It's 1:30 a.m. and I can't sleep.

I tried closing my eyes and relaxing. I tried watching the first half of Titantic, hoping to be bored into blissful dreams. And now I'm blogging, hoping to clear my mind so I can crawl back into bed.

Tomorrow/today could be a very long day.

So here's what all I'm thinking about right now.

The Biggest Loser finale

It came. It went. It was fabulous. Vicky did not win (hallelujah) and Heba couldn't manipulate her way into the final three. Even though I've been slightly vocal about my dislike of Vicky, the highlight of the evening was hearing 84 percent of voting Americans ignored Heba's wishes and voted for Ed.

Confession booth time: after last week's show, I was so determined to not let Heba get her way that I got on the computer and voted 50 times for Ed. I was slightly worried that I had become a vindictive person who is too emotionally involved in preventing the bullies from ruining a pure and innocent show. But hearing the rest of America agreed with me was extraordinarily satistfying.

I thought Shellay, Amy P. Amy C. and Phil looked a-mazing and I was so proud of Michelle for redeeming the season. Nice people do finish strong.

I still have six Christmas gifts left to get. Today's the day. And I'll be sleep-deprived. Yay. If my 16-year-old brother ends up opening a box of random items from around my house, you can explain to him why.

The Joy in Raising Kids
Reading Courtney's post tonight made me realize again how grateful I am to be raising a child and to receive love from her, even if she can't express it in words yet. And then her other post made me want these Christmas dishes. Have I mentioned I'm a sucker for dishes?

With or without Christmas dishes, I am so blessed that this little girl calls me Mama:

One of my favorite parts of having a family is choosing and implementing traditions. There are some traditions my mom did that I want to make sure I carry on and there are others I just really like and want to do. I'm actually nerdy enough to have a process for our traditions.

Every time I hear something I like, I write it down in my nerdy mom binder. Then later, I weed out the flaky ones, run my favorites by Joe and then we declare them "our family traditions."

Some examples. Next year at Thanksgiving, we're going to buy a real tablecloth, write and date on it what we are each thankful for and pull it out year after year. Next Christmas, I really, really, really want to do a Jesse Tree. And this St. Patrick's Day, Madeline will help me make my grandmother's Irish Soda bread recipe and we'll meet up with Joe for the parade downtown.

I had a hard time narrowing down Christmas traditions. So we might try 11 of them next year and see which ones stick. Overachiever? Nope. Sentimental mom? Yup.

My Smackers
My lips are really chapped right now but I'm having too much fun writing to get up and do something about it. Thought you all would love to know that.

Madeline has been interested in picking out her clothes. Rachel Zoe, watch out.

Gotta make sure everything's perfect for the photo shoot. Because, ya know, one open snap could throw the entire look off-kilter.

Yes, she is wearing a shirt, sweater, puffy vest and hat. And no, we weren't leaving the house anytime soon. She just really liked the ensemble.


Steph said...

First- I LOVE those plates! :-) Secondly, you mean in the near future I will have to stop dressing my sweet lil' Kennedy up like my own personal Fashion Doll and let her pick her own clothes?!?!?!?!

Courtney said...

Loved the blog! Totally made me laugh :-)

Jen said...

Did you try drugs?

Tylenol PM knocks me out.

Always say YES to drugs. That's my motto.

Maybe I can sell that idea to the schools?

Courtney said...

Hey, an FYI because now I know you love dishes too, the plates are HALF PRICE at Williams-Sonoma. I find myself wondering if I should get a back up set ... Let me know if you get some!

Lani said...

Madeline is so stinkin cute. As my mom would say, "She warms my heart!"

Micah said...

AHHH! You should have called me! I was up too! I finally went to sleep, then woke up again at 3 and was literally up until 6. What was I thinking about? My $5,000 engagement ring that I lost last week and found out yesterday is uninsured. Yeah. Merry Christmas, huh?

Katie said...

My sister-in-law is 14 and we still don't have a gift for her either. So tough when they grow out of Build-a-Bear and make you start working to think stuff up! Your daughter is adorable -- aren't girl clothes fun?!?