April 28, 2009

One going on 14

A Lesson, Katie-style :How to make your baby girl seem five years older within five minutes.

First and only step: braid her hair

You'll love it because it's so adorable. You'll also immediately regret this decision because she looks old enough to begin solving algebra problems.

And while you're trying to figure out if you like it or not, you just can't look away or stop taking pictures...

because she's just so cute,

especially since the ends curl. (sigh)

And what trip to the park is complete without teaching the kids to roll down a hill? Thankfully we did not snap a picture of me in a skirt teaching them to roll down a hill while flattening an acre of grass in the process.

They didn't get it. Blake just watched while Madeline tried to roll UP the hill.

But in the end, I realized they're so cute individually but mushy-cute when together (did I really just type "mushy-cute"?) (and does "mushy-cute" even make sense?).


Faith said...

Of course it does!! ;) And those braids are killing me!!!! I didn't know it was even possible for her to get any cuter!!!!

Alaina said...


Kristen@nosmallthing said...

I am constantly trying to figure out how you people get your little girls to sit still for braids and fingernail painting...I can barely get a comb through Ella's locks before she freaks and wants to run off.

I love her braids...especially the curled ends. Darling. And the rolling UP the hill--that is adorable!

Megan said...

Your baby girl is no longer a baby, my friend. She looks absolutely precious in those braids.

Jen said...

ekkkkkk---I can't wait to see you all TOMORROW! Though I know it has only been two months it really has seemed longer.

Happy driving! And by happy I mean happy meals. :)

Haley said...

She's so cute!!! Better tell her daddy to watch out, the boys are gonna be falling at her feet in a few years. Actually, it looks like Blake is already doing that!

The Clark Window said...


Amy said...

Good job braiding! At least your kiddo has enough hair to make two braids, lol!

I know what you mean, though. When we cut DD3's bangs, she looks sooo big. It hurts!

Little Madeline is beyond adorable.