June 23, 2009

Now sporting classy raccon eyes

It has rained 56 out of the last 40 days in Indiana. No joke.

OK, maybe that's exaggerating but it really has down-poured a lot during the last month. Enough that we haven't been able to walk to the park, swim at the pool or go on a picnic most days. And while I love cozy, rainy days, I especially like them in the winter when you're only missing out on slushy streets and cheek-freezing winds.

But in the last two days, I feel like summer has officially begun. In the last 36 hours, we have:
  • signed up for two summer reading programs
  • picnicked at our favorite spot with Daddy
  • spent an afternoon at the pool with Madeline's best friend Blake after which Madeline napped hard and I nursed my sun-burnt shoulders
  • ate Popsicles
  • joyously spotted little green tomatoes and zucchini in our garden
I feel like summer has finally arrived.

And if you have a kid under 12, you NEED to sign up for Half Price Books summer reading program, Feed Your Brain. Thankfully, a friend told us how great it is so I signed Madeline up.

For reading just 15 minutes a day for five days, your child will earn a $3 shopping card.

Um, we read that much just during breakfast. Seriously.

Since a lot of kids books run $2 - 4, it makes for a pretty sweet deal. I already have my eye on some adorable hardback Madeline books but I'm guessing we'll be walking out with Pooh or Elmo in hand.

Either way, it's free books for something we're already doing. Love that.


Jen said...

Oh I remember the days of the summer reading program at the library. We LIVED for all the free food we got from there. Ask Joe about Hardees. Yes, Hardees.

Megan said...

Ooh-ooh-ooh ... how about Book-it? Remember Book-it with Pizza Hut? How cool was that?!?!?

Katie @ Heart Gone Walking said...

AHHHHH! I loved Hardees ice cream cones and totally forgot about Book-It! Loved that!

P.S. Yes, I was a child book nerd.