December 21, 2009

"And the hoooome of the braaaave!"

I learned four things after a great wine and cheese karaoke party this weekend:
  1. "The Star-Spangled Banner" is a surprisingly awesome karaoke song, especially if someone adds amazing flyby sound effects.
  2. If the party also includes a camera, a tripod and a bucket of props, there will be photographic evidence that you thoroughly enjoyed the party.
  3. I picked a good man to live life with; not everyone can pull off a rat tail so well.
  4. I can rock my little black dress and a swimming mask. Also? My black dress and an eyepatch.
"Mmmmm, the rat tail."


jruetz said...


emily ann. said...

i'm inspired. but where to find such fabulous props?!

Courtney said...

Those pics are so great!!!

Jen said...

When did you marry swineflu Spiderman? Does Joe know?

Abby said...

what just a second...I just saw similar pictures on the A. Bryan Photography page. The world is getting smaller everyday!

Jennifer said...

ahahahaha! Loved the pictures. I think the swine flu/rat/Spiderman put me over the edge.