December 1, 2009

And so Christmas begins

It's December 1. Which means it's the start of Advent calendar I've been waiting about, oh, 12 months to do.

I'm so stinkin' excited. If Madeline could understand what it all means, I'm sure she would be excited to. But for now, I'm taking on the role of unbelievably excited 2-year-old.

This year, I've been planning an activity for every day of December. Before you think I've gone diagnosed Christmas Crazy, each day is not a huge ordeal. Some events will be with family or friends. Some will be just for our little family to do in the evening when Joe comes home. Some will be just for Madeline and me during the day.

Today started by blaring Christmas music. (Which has been playing since October but who's paying attention to that?) Then we opened today's bag which said Madeline could open a book present, make our hot chocolate mix and read the Christmas story from the Bible with Mommy.

(Somewhere I read about wrapping your Christmas books in last year's wrapping paper to make it a special event to pull out the books. I completely love this idea so 11 of our days will include opening a book. Seriously, 11 presents for Madeline to open without me spending a penny? What's not to love?)

Of course, this meant we had to drink some hot chocolate after making the mix. And let me tell you, Madeline is quite a fan of hot chocolate. She gets it from her mom.

I'm doing my best to raise her right and instilling a love for the holidays is definitely on that list.


Jen said...

She has no choice but to LOVE Christmas. Whether she likes it or not. ;)

Miss you all already--but see you in 2.5 weeks!!

Courtney said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those pics of Madeline :) I think my fave is the 2nd one :)

emily ann. said...

What Christmas books do you have??

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

I heard that same Christmas idea about the it.

You are so much better than me...last year I had this advent activities calendar, too, and did nothing this year. I could start one day late, right?!

Oh, and seriously, the chocolate face is the cutest!!!

The Clark Window said...

Can you PLEASE write a book of things to do for each Holiday to make it extra special for our children!?!?!?! I would really love that this year under my tree