March 20, 2011

Grab your coffee, it's long

So I guess it's been a little awhile.

It's pretty hard to know where to start again once I look back over the past month. It's been unusually busy and filled with so much fun so I'm going to attempt to hit the highlights. 

Basically, good luck with your entry to Land O' Random of Katie.

Current Obsession:

Prepare to be shocked: working out while watching "Castle." (Don't worry, I'm still stunned by that statement too.)

I am soooooo not an exercise person as evidenced by my need to still lose some baby weight from my near 4-year-old. 

About once a year, I dust off a Pilate's VHS tape and attempt an exercise regimen. But it always flops because 1) I don't like working out and 2) I just find it boring.

But I was super motivated to work out again and asked for exercise equipment for my birthday. Specially, something that makes Joe and I declare, "YOU CAN DO IT!!!!" a lot around here.

Yes, that's right. I now proudly (yet still with some shame) own a Tony Little Gazelle. (YOU CAN DO IT!!!)

The only time in my entire life that I enjoyed exercise was running on the elliptical machine at Ball State's fitness center. And I only liked it because I could watch TV while doing it. 

So when I got my gazelle, I also picked up the second season of "Castle" (and "The Hills" and "17 and Counting") from the library and told myself I could only watch it while working out.

Y'all, I love Castle and Beckett so much that I've been working out nearly every day. This has never happened before. NEVER. 

Another Year Older

I turned 28 years old earlier this month. I felt so loved by Joe and Madeline, our families and my friends. I am really blessed by so many wonderful relationships and this birthday was such a great reminder of all my blessings.

Janna made the cutest birthday cake. I have some serious love for ruffles and anything girlie and this cake is the sums up all my loves. Really, I don't think there could ever be a prettier cake for me.

Most Wonderful Time of the Year:

Yes, that's right. If you know me at all, you know I just kinda love St. Patrick's Day. As in, my house gets redecorated, the breakfast includes green eggs, green milk and Irish soda bread and we go to the parade with the rest of my big Irish family who skip school and work to celebrate together.

Addie's mom Andrea got us this gorgeous and delicious shamrock pretzel from A Taste of Philly. If you haven't had one of their pretzels, you are seriously missing out. I know the outside of their shop might look a little sketchy but I promise you will love it. (This coming from a person who loves tacos from a trailer on East Washington Street but still...)

Girls' Day Out in Funcie

The Linden Ladies got together several weeks ago for a reunion in Muncie.  It was long overdue.

I'm very thankful for everything in my life right now and wouldn't change anything to go back in time but I have to say, I loved living with these friends in college. We had so much fun back then and even though our reunions now have little kids running around, dirty diapers and Disney movies, we still have a great time together.

I laughed so hard, then cried while sharing our lives and then laughed again when "Hands on a Hard Body" came up. 

(Oh. My. If you haven't seen this documentary, then your life is not complete.

Seriously, it is so awesome that you can't find a copy for less than $100. I ain't lying. It's that good.)

Madeline Girl

Madeline is stinkin' adorable as ever. 

She's obsessed with planning for her birthday party. (You know, the one that's still eight weeks away.)

She loves writing out everything. 

She still has my heart completely.

And that's really all you need to know.


Jen said...

1. Finally.
2. I eat tacos from a trunk of a car from the taco lady so that pretzel place doesn't scare me
3. Yay for working out!!
4. Castle and Beckett. *sigh* I am so glad someone else loves them like I do and i just love the wit , smart humor and charm and when are they FINALLY going to get together is driving me nuts!

emily ann. said...

YAY! She LIVES! :) I think the next Linden Ladies reunion should include a viewing of Hot Hands on a Hard Body. :) I might be able to dig up a VCR. :) Also, I gave you an award on my blog. Woot. :)