June 6, 2011

The weekend we actually took pictures

Yesterday, Joe remarked that June is turning into his favorite month and I might have to agree with him. I love the beginning of summer and after the epic chaos commonly referred to as "May," June seems like a warm packet of blissful, easy days. (I really don't know what "warm packet of blissful, easy days" means but I'm just gonna go with it.)

If you live in Indianapolis, you might have noticed that everything fun but Christmas happens this weekend. The first weekend in June is always full of fun summer events and we tried to make our favorite ones happen.

Saturday was three of our favorite events. First, we headed over to Goodwill for their 50 percent off sale where everything is.... 50 percent off. (It's deep, I know.) Last year, we walked out with tons of bags but sadly that didn't happen this year. We just bought a few things, including one super adorable ballerina shirt for Madeline. 

Of course, Madeline found about 57 junky toys that she desperately wanted but I said no and promptly slathered hand sanitizer all over her.

We headed home and walked to the 54th Street Art Fair. If you live in Indy, you really should do this art fair. It's small but totally free and they hand out free balloons, hot dogs and lemonade.

I haven't been eating much because I've had morning sickness and not much sounds good at all. But those hots dogs? Oh my, I covered mine in mustard and relish and told Joe it was the best thing I've tasted in awhile. I think he was pretty bewildered that I can't eat toast, eggs, chicken, pizza, cheese, yogurt or just about anything but lead me to a street fair and I will gulp down a charred hot dog.

Madeline spied a face painting booth and immediately started begging for it. It was more than half of what the face painting costs at the zoo and other places so we told her she could do it. She was so stinkin' excited.

Here's a quick set-up for the next part. My aunt loves to tell a story about me when I was three or four years old. She took me to the Children's Museum and told me I could have a treat. According to family lore, I looked straight at her and said, "I want a brownie and a cherry coke." She tried to convince me to look at other options and have something without caffeine like a sugar cookie and chocolate milk but apparently I only repeated, 'I want a brownie and a cherry coke."

I say this because I think I've passed the decisiveness gene onto Madeline. Once she saw the face painting, she said she wanted to look like a zebra. The lady had all of these pictures of the options kids could choose from and zebra was not one of them. I tried to point out the butterfly face or kitty face. Nope, she wanted to be a zebra.

When it was done, she was kinda disappointed. My heart wanted to break because I knew how excited she was and how not excited she was now. But then she told us she thought she would look more like a zebra which translated to me: "I thought I would look EXACTLY like a zebra instead of a child with a painted face." Sorry kid. This is the best we can do.

After the art fair, we headed to the Woodruff Place Flea Market and when we were about three minutes away, we realized we had a passed-out zebra in our backseat.

I laugh every time I see this picture. Oh to be four years old with a painted face sitting in a pink and purple booster seat with a pink and purple horse carrier next to you. It's a hard-knock, pink and purple life.

If you live in Indy, you also need to hit up this mother of all garage sales. Half of the reason I go is for the fabulous stuff you can find for dirt cheap. The other half is because I like to gawk at the monstrous, gorgeous homes.

We only made it up and down one street because it was a blazing 93 degrees out and at this point, we consisted of one very tired, thirsty and whiny zebra and two sweaty and thirsty parents who were too hot to even hold hands.

So we headed home to fill up Madeline's tiny pool and all three of us sat in the icy hose water. It was the kind of coldness that makes you go all tingly and you really don't want to submerge because it's almost painful but you have to because the only alternative is to die of Indiana heat.

Madeline tried really hard to keep her face from getting wet but that's pretty much impossible when this girl gets around water.

The rest of the weekend was one peaceful blur of sitting around and doing a whole of nothing but reading books, making Easy-Bake cookies and watching Joe eat the said Easy-Bake cookies. 

Because if mama can't handle cheese or chicken, she sure is not going to be able to handle a charred cookie smothered with icing and purple sprinkles. But she does want another hog dog.

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