October 1, 2011

Day One :: 31 Days of Capturing Life

Hi. Here's the running list of my goal to capture the (potentially) last 31 days of our family life before baby #2 arrives.

Day Nineteen :: I may or may not wear slippers in public 

Day Eighteen :: 34 Weeks and a baby pool 

Day Sixteen :: Sharing the rainbow (sans Skittles)

Day Fifteen :: A story of the best chicken tortilla soup recipe

Day Fourteen :: Mini Me

Day Thirteen :: Chapter Books and my 4-year-old

Day Twelve :: Nursery Art

Day Eleven :: It's FASCINATING, folks

Day Ten :: 33 Weeks

Day Nine :: The One When I (Kinda) Bought My Kid a Pony (Not Really)

Day Eight :: 4 years, 4 months, 3 weeks and 3 days after she was born

Day Seven :: Pictures included

Day Six :: I want the log schoolhouse

Day Five ::  The Best Pumpkin Dip (after some random)

Day Four :: 32 Weeks

Day Three :: Back in America

Day Two :: Road Trip

::  ::  ::
Day One

After much internal debate, I've decided to participate in the 31 Days Challenge. For all of October, hundreds of bloggers are writing about a single subject and (I think) I want to join in too.

Most people are doing a very helpful and informative subject. Like changing the world in 31 days. Or impressing God's Word on your child's heart. Um...mine will not be deep. It's actually all for me and my family so I'm not expecting participation; I just want to be held accountable to blog every day for the next month.

I've wanted to blog daily for a long time. I like reading through my archives every now and then because I will remember special little moments that I had totally forgotten about. When there are chunks of time -- a week, a month -- that I don't blog, I have no idea what filled my days or what our family life looked like for that time. 

Now with Baby Rockne (not real name, just in-utero nickname that begs clarification) due to arrive sometime between Halloween and mid-November, this is the perfect time to capture the potentially last 31 days of life with just Madeline and Joe. I know that I'm a different person since becoming a mom more than four years ago and I know, for better and for worse in many ways, I'll be a different woman, wife and mother when I have two kids.

I hope that doesn't sound Debbie Downer-ish because I don't feel negative about the change at all. That's just the reality of major life changes and I'm very, very excited for our family to grow and for us to become a different unit and individuals. I just would love to capture who I am now so I've ended up in a different place, I can look back and remember these times.

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