October 4, 2011

Day Four :: 32 Weeks

31 weeks, four days

Yesterday marked 32 weeks for Baby Rockne. It's pretty hard to believe this pregnancy is officially in the eighth month. It feels a little closer to 12 days. I'm ready to hold my baby but I'm not ready for this pregnancy to be over. 

I love feeling him/her move around, knowing I'm the only person who is given the joy of feeling all movements. Joe can feel certain movements toward the belly but there are kicks, rolls and punches deep within me that no one else can feel and I treasure every one of them.

I love dreaming about whether we have a son or daughter. I love thinking how Madeline will play with a brother or a sister. I am really, really excited for that moment when my doctor says, "It's a _____!"

Joe is certain Baby Rockne is rocking a toupee because the heartburn is out of control with this child. Since my belly is so big and pushing my stomach higher than normal, the heartburn has been wicked. 

I finally broke down last weekend and bought medicine. I know it's totally fine to take Tylenol and other meds if your doctor says it's OK. But I'm a little nuts and try to avoid taking anything whenever possible. (I like martyr status, OK?) I reached a breaking point on Saturday night and gulped down the Prevacid OTC my doctor recommended like it would erase the pain. Which it didn't.

And then I cried.

But other than that, I'm feeling really good. Honestly. I wouldn't want to do this without my body pillow, Joe or my gray sweatpants but I am still feeling great most of the time.

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Katie said...

Pepcid Complete. It will change your life (while pregnant anyway). I survived off that stuff, it works like magic. It's on the safe list, you won't regret it :).