October 9, 2011

Day Nine :: The One When I (Kinda) Bought My Kid a Pony (Not Really)

We had a busy weekend. I promise it was, even if Joe and I managed to squeeze in five episodes of "Castle." 

(That was more due to insomnia than spare time.) 

(It kinda was "needing to watch 'Castle'-inducing" insomnia but still.)

Saturday was my brother Greg's birthday. We spent the day in a park doing nothing but eating my mom's spinach balls (delicious) and pineapple upside-down cake (doubly delicious), playing horseshoes and euchre and talking. 

We could talk or not talk for hours and still find plenty to not talk about. 

Our topics ranged from "Dancing with the Stars" to Conan O'Brien's kids' names to salsa dancing. 

And we didn't even bring conversation cards.

Since I now have a camera (I HAVE A CAMERA!), I can actually show you pictures of my family.

The birthday boy and a little girl who was very excited that his favorite cake is pineapple upside-down cake. I'll admit, I was pretty excited about that too.

Zach and Jenny. I'm not really sure how else to describe this picture.

The nephew Brennan who loves bugs. And who very quickly realized Aunt Katie does not. But I sure do love that toothless grin.

My dad who loves babies and then loves them some more. He will do anything to get a baby to react to him.


But if you could get a smile like this, wouldn't you also be willing to stuff baby toes up your nose too? I would totally stuff Beckett's toes up my nose.

(Jenny, does that bother you?)

I have about 30 bajillion pictures of that face if you want to see more.

Then we headed to my in-laws who just got two horses. And yes, I totally agree with you. Madeline's childhood has just reached The Pinnacle of Happiness and Joy.

The proof is in the pudding. Picture pudding. 

I'm not even sure I'm making sense any more.

I blame "Castle" for stealing my sleep.

Now Madeline can't ever say, "I need therapy because you didn't buy me a pony."

Because I'll say, "Remember how Grandma had two horses? And you could see them any time we went to Grandma's house? And if Sandy and Nova were in a good mood, you could pet them? That was TOTALLY like owning a pony."

And then I would be completely off the hook.


Jennifer said...

I stick Beckett's toes up my nose all the time :-) Anyway, how wonderful for Madeline to have some ponies to play with! Some of my greatest memories are of my ponies at my grandparents. She will smell that hay and horse smell as an adult and immediately go back to age four...happens to me all the time and it's wonderful :-)

Jen said...

I will not mention how I always longed for a horse when I was younger. Oh the charmed life of the babies of the family. :)

Actually this is even better because now I can come home and ride the horse and don't have to take care of it!!