October 31, 2011

Day Thirty One :: Hola Halloween

I love holidays. I love it all: the decorating, the anticipating and finally the actually celebrating of said holiday.

With Halloween, I also love that it means fun-size Snickers, mini Heaths and maybe some sour gummies if Joe and I are Madeline is lucky.

Our first Halloween party was last Thursday with Madeline's preschool class. Her teacher approaches holidays with the same level of enthusiasm as me.
This reassures me that my daughter is in the right place.

Madeline went as Dora the Explorer but refused to wear the wig. So she looked more like a kid in nearly clashing clothes than a cartoon character, especially when she didn't want to wear the backpack two minutes after walking in the classroom.

Before our second Halloween party, Madeline walked into the living room and said she wanted to go as Sleeping Beauty. Specifically, a cowgirl Sleeping Beauty with a little doggie named Lilly.
Forget the fact that Mama actually allowed her ankles to swell to the size of buoys while she SEWED A PAIR OF ORANGE SHORTS FOR DORA FROM SCRATCH. No, of course, we should instead drag out a pre-made costume that we've had for two years.

Whatever makes the little girl happy. Especially when the cowgirl Sleeping Beauty is this darn cute.

But then for trick or treating on Halloween night, Dora made a reappearance and Joe convinced her to wear the wig this time.
The wig totally completes the look, doesn't it?
Please ignore the fact that it appears like I ate 37 queso burritoes from Qdoba. (Mmmmm, queso burritoes.)
Is this not the best picture ever?!?!?!

It's common knowledge that every Dora needs a Luke Skywalker so we headed over to my parents to go trick or treating with Brennan.
There were also this adorable tiny little pumkin too.
Judging by Madeline's giddy laughter throughout the night and her overflowing bucket of chocolate treats, I think Halloween was very successful.

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Jen said...

Fantastic costume by the teacher--love it!

And Katie I know you are bigger for your actual week but you really look great..seriously!! Just think you only have a week or so left! Can't wait to see little Castle....