October 24, 2011

Day Twenty-Four :: After I was done being lazy, I lazed some more

I'm alive and still very pregnant. I didn't mean to scare anyone by not posting for two days. Sorry about that.

If you want honesty, I don't mind telling you I chose to be blog-lazy and instead watch an unmentionable amount of "Castle" episodes over the weekend. It was glorious.

Our weekend was half productive, half unbelievably relaxing and lazy. Joe was the productive half. He finished moving Madeline into her new room, painted the nursery, prepped furniture to be painted and cooked his grand-slam breakfast.

I watched TV and washed the dishes. Once.

There is a huge, noticeable difference in pains, aches and cankles when I lounge around instead of contributing to society and accomplishing something. I've reached the point when I don't feel guilty (maybe a smidgen) because it just feels too good to not feel so bad.

My weekend started on Friday afternoon when I wasn't feeling very good and headed over to my parent's house. I hope you have the same experience going back to your parents' house because there is nothing else like it for me. My parents love when we come over so they can love on their kids and grandkids.

And by love on us, I mean they pile on good food, want us only to relax, turn on good cable TV, maybe play a Scrabble game and we all just hang out together. I spent three hours in the world's biggest recliner with a portable massage chair while Madeline and my mom decorated Halloween cupcakes.

I'm sure I looked rather geriatric but my back didn't hurt so go ahead and identified me with the Depends crowd. I don't care when I feel that good.

Their recliner ain't no joke. It's huge and leather-y plush. I think of it as the healing chair. This chair nursed my dad after his surgery last year and then took care of Peter after his surgery. When you lay your head back and kick your feet up, it's hard to remember you have any worries in this life.

This chair might even have magical powers.

When it was time to go home, my mom didn't want me to worry about cooking dinner so she sent us off with dinner, complete with lasagna, salad and King's Hawaiian sweet rolls.

(I love bread. Totally a love language. Especially those rolls.)

She also gave me the massage chair which I gladly borrowed because, oh sweet mercy, the MASSAGE! The HEAT! It is amazing.

My mom also tried to give me the recliner. For realz. Then my dad came home right before I was about to leave and he tried to give me the chair too. If they have something that might help someone else, they're incapable of keeping it to themselves. They are extremely generous people.

My dad even called the next day to offer the recliner again. His exact words: "We only use it because it's here." Oh, you guys. They are so wonderful.

It's a family tradition for my family to go to Conner Prairie's Headless Horseman event. It's one of my favorite activities of the whole year. To be honest, I just really love Conner Prairie and anything else resembling "Little House on the Prairie."

But this year, I would possibly choose shards of glass in my eyes over walking around, sitting on backless benches and sitting in a bumpy hayride. So my parents offered to take Madeline on Saturday to Conner Prairie to meet up with Zach, Jenny, Brennan and Beckett. Meanwhile, I stayed behind to do absolutely nothing while Joe painted, primed, cleaned and earned Hot Daddy of the Year tallies.

(He's totally going to win this year. Again.)

But when my family got up there shortly after the gates opened, the next available hayride was 10:45 p.m. As in 45 minutes after 10 o'clock at night. My parents had the smart sense to promise the kids hot dogs and s'mores back at their house if they could leave and come back the next night.

Since I could do nothing at my house or their house, I headed over to there to sit in the huge recliner, eat a hot dog, macaroni salad and chips while watching "The Little Rascals." Which, if you're interested, that movie is still really, really funny.

Sunday was basically a repeat of me doing nothing, Joe doing everything and Madeline went to my parents in the late afternoon to go back to Conner Prairie.

(Is anyone really still reading? There's no way I can spice this up. Sorry.)

(Do I get any award for being incredibly verbose when absolutely nothing happened??)

Dear friends from church dropped off dinner for us because they are wonderful, wonderful people. They remembered how much I love Shapiro's, specifically the macaroni and cheese.

People of Indianapolis, if you've never tasted Shapiro's mac and cheese or a zebra square or Neapolitan from the now-defunct Rosslyn Bakery, YOU'VE NEVER LIVED. I realize that is a dramatic statement but it's some dramatic food.

Anyways, our friends brought over a meatloaf dinner, complete with mashed potatoes and  A DOUBLE HELPING OF MAC AND CHEESE. It was sight of beauty.

With the little girl gone again, Joe and I managed to squeeze in even more episodes of "Castle" while paint dried and we're now finally up to the current season. We still have several more episodes to get completely caught-up but at least we're in season four now.

It feels so good to accomplish a goal, you know?

It's very corny and predictable at times but I just really love that show. Remember when I used to only let myself watch it while I was working out with Tony Little? Yeah, me too. Now I watch it while eating a double helping of mac and cheese and my ankles are a decent 12 inches circumference.

But I'm cooking a baby and growing life. I'm calling it even.


Jen said...

You need to keep on doing nothing and catch up to the current Castle playing so we can finally discuss week to week. Don't slow down now!!

And I really think you should name your boy Richard Castle or just Castle...actually....... I actually kind of like it. Like maybe for my future children. So you can't have it anymore. I'm sorry.

Jennifer said...

Castle Shapiro Mayes. It's perfect.

Katie said...

My parents must have the exact same chair. My mom bought it when she had her 1st breast cancer surgery since she knew she'd need somewhere comfy to sleep.

And I think I need to hang out with you more. Great parents and horses. What could be better? :)