October 29, 2011

Day Twenty Nine :: Playing with princesses

Yesterday, Madeline and I did pretty much nothing during the day. Our only productive moments were straightening the house and making chicken pot pie.

My back, belly and legs feel pretty close to awesome when I can sit and prop my feet up for most of the day. With preschool three mornings a week, seeing friends before we quarantine ourselves with a newborn during the winter and trying to prep the house to handle an itty-bitty baby, sitting is hard to do these days. So if I can have an entire day of sitting and dressing tiny princesses over and over, I'll take it gladly.

I'm also a strong believer that kids need occasional home days, days when they don't leave the house at all. 

Dude, preschool has totally cramped the frequency of our home days. 

But we took one yesterday.  We took 45 minutes to eat our oatmeal because we were talking so much (if you've met Madeline, you know that talking equals non-stop hand motions, hence the 45 minutes). We literally spent the entire day in our pajamas. We took a two-hour nap together in my bed. We read every book in Madeline's library bag, even though it is so full that it's busting at the seams and Mama would pay big bucks to never read that darn Diego book again.

At one point, I was sitting in the rocking chair with the chair massage, sipping hot tea while Madeline was shipping her princesses in boats (a.k.a. slippers) to the castle and I was so thankful we were taking a home day.

If that presents a perfect picture of staying at home, let me ruin that image for you.

My kitchen was a wreck, laundry was stuffed so tightly in the hampers but still spilling out the top and my floors haven't been steamed clean in an embarrassingly long time. And let's not even mention the status of my toilet and tub.

But I really didn't care at that moment. Trust me, I have other moments when I totally panic at how much I need to do but I didn't care when I was rocking in the chair yesterday. 

These weeks may be all about preparing for a new baby but they're also about soaking up time with my only child, the child who made me a mom.

I could listen to her imaginative play for 34 months straight. I love her dearly.

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Katie said...

um, you STEAM CLEAN your floors? wow.