October 26, 2011

Day Twenty Six :: Baby shower

Last year, we decided to join a small group at our church. We were assigned to a group of all new people. Not a soul had met each other before.
Joe never believes me when I say this but I get very nervous meeting new people. I know I can be really awkward and my version of small talk has been known to include blurting out confessions of reality TV and a million other facts I shouldn't confess to strangers.

So I was a little apprehensive to bare my soul with some new peeps.

But fast-forward to the present, I stuck it out with the small talk and now love our small group. This is a group that likes to laugh, likes to eat and frequently makes fun of each other. It's the perfect group for me.

Last night, we showed up, thinking we were going to study the Bible.

Instead, they threw a surprise baby shower for Baby Rockne.
(Please notice the AMAZING diaper cake. It was filled with tons of onesies, washcloths, blankets and 500 diapers.)
(500 might be exaggerating. Maybe 300.)

It is such a wonderful feeling to know you are loved, your family is loved and your unborn baby is so very loved too.

(We do all have husbands but the reality is the women planned the party and I really need a good photo with these girls.)

We laughed and made fun of each other while eating Mexican food (my favorite). Some 80's-style Halloween pictures may have even been passed around the table at one point.

Red velvet cake was eaten. Baby Rockne really loved it and did a happy dance on my bladder afterwards.
Then we played Baby Jeopardy, men versus women. In honor of my love for all things Tori Spelling and beyond, one of the categories was "celebrity parents."

I rocked it the entire category. (Was there any doubt?)

You win a million friendship points if you know them all too. Here were the kids names; you match the parents.

$100 - Apple
$200 - Maddox
$500 - Joaquin
$1000 - Coco
$2000 - Michael 1 and Prince Michael

I am so thankful for a group of friends like this. A small community we can study the Bible with and share our lives together. Friends to go camping with, even in the rain. Peeps who want to celebrate our major life changes and pray for our baby.

And friends who can put up with my "small talk" and love for celebrities.


Megan said...

Apple - Chris Martin and Gwenyth Paltrow
Maddox - Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Joaquin - ????
Coco - David Arquette and Courtney Cox
Michael 1 and Prince Michael - Michael Jackson

Thank you very much! :)

Steph said...

Joaquin- Kelly Rippa & Mark C(annot spell his last name) :)