November 30, 2011

It's been a fortnight

(I just love being able to appropriately use "fortnight.")

Here are my kids on Thanksgiving morning. 

(I just love saying "my kids," emphasis on kidSSSSSSSSS.)
If Madeline looks concerned, it's because she was watching the Spiderman Musical routine on the parade and, believe me, it was concerning. I don't blame her for not being able to tear her eyes away yet be dismayed at the same time.

Caleb turned two weeks old yesterday and no, I cannot believe it either.

He and I spend most of our days like this:
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this image should wax poetic about how I've been able to put away two entire seasons of "Friday Night Lights" in just 10 days. Breastfeeding will create space for mucho TV time.

Have any of you watched this show? I'm addicted. After picking up Madeline today from preschool, we drove directly to a different library branch just so I could pick up seasons three and four. Because Mama needs more Coach and Tami Taylor in her life. 

I really should pace myself because the series ends at season five but I think this blog has really captured my complete lack of self-control when it comes to TV on DVD.

When Madeline was born, I burned through Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, Laguna Beach, Grey's Anatomy and Arrested Development. Only quality television for my babies.

If Caleb and I aren't on the white couch cheering for Saracen and Riggins and, of course, Coach and Tami, then we probably look like this:
I hold my babies. A lot. I don't think it spoils them. I'm also just pretty incapable of putting a baby, sleeping or awake, down. Babies grow way too quickly and I want to spend every second I can holding them, rubbing their soft, downy skin and kissing their soft heads.

When I need to get stuff done, I stick Caleb in my mei tei. In this, he can still be my personal little space heater with a super soft, smell-good head but my hands are free. It's been worth every penny.

Once Madeline goes to bed, my evenings have been spent with these two guys:
This is why I love the first few weeks with a newborn. We don't do anything but stare at our baby and watch TV. It is a very, very sweet time and I'm just soaking it in.

Wouldn't you spend every minute looking at this little face?
We've able to sit and stare at Caleb because we have amazing family and friends who have been making us meals and meals and meals. We have just been dumped on with love.

The night we came home from the hospital, my mom dropped off this meal. It deserved a picture.
There's so much more to say but I'm exhausted after spending the evening watching Survivor, New Girl and two Conans. And I still have "Friday Night Lights" season three to turn on...


Emily @ 52 Mantels said...

Swoon, swoon, swoon!! I would stare at that cute face all day long too! I'm glad you're getting plenty of snuggle time with Caleb. I am a firm believer in holding babies. I never understood people thinking they could forever spoil a child by holding them in the first several months of their life. Pretty dramatic, if you ask me!! They grow SO fast. Get all the snuggles you can.

I'm glad you're being well fed and TVed. I remember those days vividly!

punkinmama said...

He is absolutely precious.

So glad you're enjoying every minute. It makes me want to do it all again even more...