November 7, 2011

The Last Supper Weekend

Madeline had an awesome, laid-back weekend which included plenty of princess play time and a Happy Meal picnic with Joe.

If she ever tries to tell me her childhood wasn't fun, I will whip out this photo faster than she can cry, "OH YEAH, NOW I REMEMBER!"
Joe and I had a great weekend too but it wasn't very laid-back. We're really feeling like this baby could come at any time and I kept thinking," Is this our last weekend as a family of three?"

In addition to put the house back together, finishing Madeline's new big girl room and setting up the nursery, Joe decided to also set up a 55-gallon aquarium.

What can I say? We like to go big with home changes.

Thanks to Joe, our house is really coming back together after mucho painting, sawing and rearranging. You know the end is near because we finally bought the crib tonight. It won't come in for another week but this is how we like to parent: by the seat of our pants.

While Joe was slaving away at home, I had a weekend of partying. Up first, Joe's cousin Christina and the Mayes cousins threw a non-baby shower for Baby Rockne on Saturday. 
We were so blessed with tons of gifts when I was pregnant with Madeline and I didn't need another shower with gifts. But Christina insisted on still celebrating with a "no gifts, no fun" party.

So, of course, we took a picture to demonstrate exactly how much fun we were NOT having. There was zero laughing, zero story-telling and especially zero Pinterest sharing going on the ENTIRE time.
My favorite is Erin's thumbs-down because the downward thumb really is the perfect way to welcome a little life into this world.

Also, please drink in the edible line-up. These ladies know how to bring the carbohydrates. There was nary a fruit in sight and it was glorious
Janna made a pumpkin custard pie for the event. You might think the B's are for baby but you would be wrong. 

B is for boy because she is COMPLETELY convinced this little one is a he.
Then on Sunday, my aunts held a wedding shower for my cousin's fiancee Pilar. 
(This is a picture from the family Halloween party. I promise we didn't wear zipped sweatshirts to a wedding shower. There might have been pants under my dress at the shower because my knees haven't touched in weeks but I draw the line at velour.)

Sadly, my feet were huge that afternoon and I sat throughout most of the event and didn't take a single photo.


The shower was wonderful and delicious, complete with an opening of gifts that would make any woman married longer than six years experience severe kitchen utensil envy. 


If you think a shower doesn't last at least five hours, then you've never met my family. We can talk or not talk for hours and still find things to not talk about. And eat as we go.

Ryan and Pilar are getting married in Aruba on Thanksgiving weekend and unfortunately Joe, Madeline and I can't make it, what with the new baby and all. 

(I know, I know. Rachel Zoe would totally make a plane trip two weeks after having a baby AND show up at the beach in a bikini. She and I have a few other differences, like my inability to wear heels.)

But I am SO excited for them to get married and plan to watch the ceremony as it's streamed online. While Pilar is rocking one of the most gorgeous wedding dresses ever, I will probably be on my couch in a nursing tank top, a velour sweatshirt and slippers. 

At least I will be snuggling a tiny (BIG) baby so the sting won't last too long.


erin said...

correction... thumbs down is for zero fun. NEVER for baby. :) We can't wait to meet Madeline's baby brother or sister.

Jen said...

It looked like so much I mean looked like NO FUN so I am glad I missed it!

I am SO jealous of the food...I love me some carbs.

And tell my nephew to hurry it up.

Neil and Heather (and Abby) said...

We have so much in common, we both love soup and snow peas, we love the outdoors, and talking and not talking.