November 12, 2011

Playing Zebra in her wigwam

This week, Madeline has been learning all about Native Americans in preschool. The classroom has been transformed with two big tee-pees, several bear skin rugs and even a real lit (with electricity) fire in the middle.

One of my favorite times of day are the few minutes in the car right after I pick her up. She chatters on and on about what she learned, what she did and who she played with at school.

I love to just take it all in. Her kiddie voice. Her expressions. Her wild hand movements.

This week, I've been hearing all about rain sticks, buffalo and songs about wigwams.

According to her teacher, Indiana names are determined by 1) your favorite activity to do with her and 2) your favorite animal.

Hence, Madeline is Playing Zebra, Joe is Playing Lion and I am Listening Dog.

Even though I do love dogs the most, I really should have rethought my answer since I now have to answer when she calls out "Listening Dog!" 20 times a day.

On Thursday night, we picked up the new crib and Madeline and Joe assembled it together while I put my feet up for the 5,000th time. ("Together" has an open-ended definition in that sentence.) When Madeline lost interest about 15 seconds in, Joe offered to make a wigwam out of the big box. Madeline's response was something like, "SQUUUEEEEAAAAAHHHHHYEEEESSSSSSS." 

Which is why she's currently sleeping in a bed like this:
She went to bed really late that night because we were having a blast just hanging out as a family.

I found myself wondering what in the world Joe and I did in the evenings before she came along.

She makes every aspect of our lives so much more fun.

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