March 13, 2012

On March 12, 2012

This is something I've wanted to do for a long time. I know the time will come when I will wonder what I did when I stayed home with my littles. Today, I wrote down nearly everything I did, even the super tiny mundane stuff. (I told Joe what I was doing but when he saw my notes, he said, "Wow. You really wrote down everything." It's a lot. Consider yourself warned.)

I forgive you if you want to skip this post because it's super long. It's actually longer than super long. I'm just doing it for my record-keeping and for future Senile Katie.

March 12, 2012

3:34 C wakes up to eat. I feed him in the rocker in his room and scroll through my Reader and check Twitter in the dark. He lays down easily and I take awhile to fall back asleep.

6:45 C needs to eat again and I pray through the feeding. I should stay up after he finishes but I'm so tired and hope M will sleep in since DST just happened. He lays down easily again and I fall asleep immediately.

8:17 I wake up to C fussing. M is mercifully still sleeping. I'm so glad I slept more. I carry C to the couch and bounce and coo with him in the dark, hoping M will sleep as long as possible. Joe and I start texting while I scroll through my Reader.
8:26 M's up. We cuddle on the couch and she immediately starts talking to C. She asks to hold him. She asks for cereal but we're out. She asks for eggs and toast but we don't have bread. (Am going to the grocery today.) I turn on the lights while she holds C and tell her I can make muffins. She's excited. We go to C's room and I change his diaper while M picks out his clothes. She asks if C has a "I love my big sister" shirt. He doesn't. (Must remedy that.) She picks out a dinosaur shirt and sweatshirt and striped BabyLegs. She tries to put on his shoes but it's a disaster. He's fussing and she's near tears. I end it.
8:56 I set up C's play mat on the ottoman. M tries to put the shoes on again. I end it. Again. I start making muffins. M turns on a Seeds CD and goes to her room.

9:05 M asks to move C's mat into her room. I helped her and she says, "Easy-peasy, Mom."
9:15 Muffins are in the oven. M gets herself dressed and has made a cave for C. I join them in her room and help her zip her sweatshirt and coo to C. M hears thunder and opens her blinds, looking for lightning. She searches for St. Patrick's Day, Easter and her birthday on her Hello Kitty calendar. C starts fussing and needs to eat.
9:30  We're all hungry and check on the muffins together. 6 more minutes. M asks for a snack. I dance with C while he sucks his fist. M reads the backs of new library movies and my parents' copy of "It Could Happen to You." (I'm excited to watch this later. Haven't seen it for years.) I ask M what she wants to do today. "See Peter." 
9:34 2 more minutes for the muffins. M gets out her notebook and a green crayon from her craft drawer. She starts tracing a gold coin. I pull out the muffins. C is totally calm so I place muffins onto the cooling rack. M sharpens a pencil over the trash can. I set a napkin on the table and fills M's water cup. She's excited that I topped the muffins with blueberries and raspberries but I tell her she has to wait for them to cool down so she blows on them.
9:38 I start feeding C on the couch. M comes around the corner, near tears because she dropped the sharpener in the kitchen trash. I tell her I'll get it out when C's done eating. She disappears in the toy room.

9:43 I call for her to check if muffins are cool now. They are and she picks all the blueberries and raspberries off first. She tells me the muffin top now looks like a face. "Mom? I have great news. These are the best muffins ever." I check my phone and realize I never hit send on a text to Joe. Typical.
9:47 M asks if she can tell me what dessert she wants for her birthday. I tell her we can talk about St. Patrick's Day. She wants a green cake with raspberries. Jenn texts me. M says blueberries are her favorite because raspberries taste like mustard. Seeds CD ends. VeggieTales comes on. I texts two of my sister-in-laws.
10:06 C finishes eating and is asleep. M marches around the ottoman to "Keep Walking." I lay C down in his crib and dig through the trash for M's sharpener. I eat a muffin and start baking a second batch. M works at her table with paper and markers. I sort M's laundry and start a load.
10:15 I put away last night's dishes that Joe washed. M wants me to sit with her. I move the easel so she can see me while I'm cleaning the kitchen. I eat a second muffin and turn on the kettle. M asks again what we're doing today. This is my view when I'm at the sink. I try to meal plan and make a grocery list in my head.
10:23 I steep my tea and wash dishes. M comes in the kitchen and draws a peace sign and a flower standing next to me. I remind her to take her vitamin. She asks again what we're doing today. I ask her to clean her room. I realize I forgot to set the timer for the muffins.
10:40 I wipe down the counter, pulls muffins from oven and set them on the cooling rack. M needs help in the bathroom. I wash my hands, add sugar to my tea, put all the muffins in a container and sweep the floors in the main rooms. M wants to brush her teeth but needs help with the toothpaste. The music CD ends and switches to a movie so I turn it off. I steam clean all the floors.
11:03 C wakes up and M comes with me to get him. We stay in his room because of the wet floors. M reads to C the Silly Faces books. I check my phone and respond to some texts. C is doing good so I run down to the basement to move along the laundry. C's still good so I wipe down the table and move the chairs back to the dining room. C's still good so I get dressed and fix my hair.
11:21 I change C's diaper and M finishes cleaning her room. I empty the diaper bag and restock it for today. I text Joe. I'm excited to wear my new wedges. C has a weird spit-up.

11:30 Joe calls. When I hang up, I put C down to get ready to go the store. He cries. M gets her doll ready for the store. C is still crying when I put him in his car seat so I grab the mei tei.
11:38 My mother-in-law calls but I don't answer so we can get out the door this side of noon. I turn off the porch light as we head out and I see my tea, now cold. I never took a sip. I buckle the kids in and C finally calms down and takes the pacifier. I call my mother-in-law back.

11:56 Our talk ends when C cries again because the car has stopped in the parking lot. I put him in the mei tei and he calms down. I realize M has a raspberry stain on her upper lip and I forgot to brush her hair. In the store, M grabs every item from the shelves and puts them in the cart. She loves being a helper. While I load up the groceries, she makes up a song about food.
12:31 We head home and M asks again what we're doing today. When we're home, I put M and C on the porch and take a couple trips to put the groceries on the table. I bring C in and he's asleep. I move the laundry along and can hear him crying. He needs his medicine but will give it to him later when he's calmer. 

12:39 I start feeding him and email my mom to see if she can watch M tonight while Joe and I go to a school information meeting. M wraps up the cord on the steamer, one of her favorite things. She gets my pink highlighter and writes in her journal. She gets out her (paper) cell phone and starts inviting friends over. She asks me if Meena and Quinn (imaginary friends) can come over for a dance party. I say yes. She asks if she can really open the front door to let them in. I say yes. She's thrilled, opens the door and "leads" them to the toy room. I read through Twitter on my phone and read Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback. I try to remember if I bought anything frozen since I haven't put away the groceries. I keep rubbing C to keep him awake. He's really off schedule.

1:10 C is still eating and M is running back and forth between the toy room and her bedroom. When I ask what she's doing, she just giggles.
1:14 She finally tells me she's setting up a restaurant for Joe when he comes home. She picks out books for me to read during lunch. We read a Little Critter book on the couch. C finishes eating so I change his diaper and set him in the bumbo seat while I put away the groceries. M reads on the couch.
1:25 I make M's lunch (turkey and cheese sandwich with BBQ sauce, cottage cheese and another muffin). I realize I haven't drank anything today and fill up my Katie cup. I read "There's A Nightmare in My Closet," "Two Little Trains," some Robert Louis Stevenson poems, "The Tortoise and the Hare" and "The Little Dutch Boy" while M eats. C has major spit-up.

2:04 I change his diaper and clothes. He pees all over the changing pad. M clears her plate and washes her hands. I put C in the crib to change the cover. M cleans up the books from earlier. C is content in the crib so I lay a blanket over him. M and I talk for a bit in her bed, sing the doxology and pray together before her nap. She asks if I can decorate Sandy for St. Patrick's Day. I kiss her lots and leave. 

2:15 I bring out a load of diapers to fold, wipe the spit-up in the bumbo seat, wipe down the table and sweep the kitchen and dining room. I check on C and he's asleep. I turn on "The People's Court" (don't judge), pick up the front room, make a sandwich and refill the Katie cup.

2:23 I sit down, finally eat and watch TV.

2:34 I bring up the two loads of laundry and start folding. I check my phone and my mom can watch M tonight so I email her back.

2:50 I start eating some dairy-free hazelnut chocolate butter with saltines and keep folding.

2:54 I'm just licking the spoon now.

3:00 My show ends so I rewind "It Could Happen to You" (it's a VHS). C fusses, I give him a pacifier and he falls back asleep. I start boiling a pot of eggs to make hardboiled eggs for the week. I push play on the video but it needs more rewinding. Am reminded why DVDs are awesome. I keep folding clothes and really need to put the lid on the chocolate. The video preview is for "Legends of the Fall."

3:11 I'm still licking the spoon and folding. I set aside M's clothes that need to be hung up. (She loves this chore.)

3:13 Hear the pot boiling, turn the heat down and cover it but don't want to set the timer. Nicolas Cage is totally not convincing as a cop but I still love Rosie Perez's reaction to winning the lotto.

3:21 Finally put the lid on the chocolate. I text Joe and start folding the diaper load.

3:34 The eggs are finished and I can't believe both kids are still sleeping. I regret not showering at the beginning of nap time. I want to put away the dishes but also want to just relax while they sleep. I keep watching the movie.

3:45 They're both still sleeping and I can't stand just sitting so I start sorting more laundry.

3:56 C wakes up and I switch off the movie. It's "Judge Judy" time. I give C his medicine and he eats.
4:33 C finishes eating and I'm loving this alone time with C. He is adorable propped up on my legs. Lots of cooing and smiling and knuckle-gnawing.
4:39 I change C's diaper and he's super ticklish. I set him on the couch next to me and keep sorting laundry. M wakes up and immediately bypasses me to cuddle with C. I turn off the TV and take the hampers back to the bedroom. M is still playing with C so I put away the folded laundry. I pick up the front room and move C to the mat.
5:03 I start prepping dinner, a big salad with lots of topping. I put away the dishes and made a quesadilla for M (She normally doesn't eat a separate dinner but she won't eat the big salad). I knock over the new cottage cheese and it spills all over the floor and under the fridge. M runs to the kitchen because she's worried I broke my ankle. (???) I ask M to put her clothes on hangers. She is excited when she figures out how to bring out all her hangers at once.
5:25 Joe calls on his way home. I made a dinner plate for M and help her put away her closet clothes. 

5:42 M starts eating and I change C's diaper. I check the mail and open a beautiful birth announcement. C starts fussing because he's tired so I bounce him around on my hip. I double-check the diaper bag so it's ready to go when we leave.

5:53 Joe comes home and I hand off C so I can shower. M slowly picks at her dinner because she's busy talking to Joe. I dress and get ready to leave. I fill my Katie cup with juice and sparkling water. (Want root beer so badly.)

6:20 We're in the car on the way to my parents. We drop M off and she's so excited to see Peter. We leave her booster seat because my parents and Peter are going to eat at Cancun. After we pull away, I text Peter and ask them to get a take-out order of chips and salsa for us. It sounds so good.

7:00 Joe and I go to the meeting. C is really good but needs to eat halfway through. C's super smiley and distracting to those around us.

8:45 We leave and I didn't realize it was so late. C falls asleep in the car so I run in to pick M up from my parents. She tells us she got to watch Handy Manny and Kipper and had a chocolate sundae with a cherry. Joe and I are so hungry and start eating chips and salsa in the car. I make Joe stop at Monical's so I can buy a bottle of their French dressing.

9:41 We get home and Joe leaves to vacuum and clean the car. (He's taking my car tomorrow and giving a ride to some colleagues and my car is filthy.) M changes into her PJs and brushes her teeth. I change C's diaper and put him in his PJs. We sing the doxology and say prayers again. M tries to tell me a story about a teacher and taxes (???) but I cut her off because she's clearly stalling. I kiss her lots.

10:04 I feed C and watch "It Could Happen to You." C is nearly asleep when he finishes eating so I lay him down and make a bowl of big salad. Joe comes back home and we finish the chips and salsa and finish the movie. I start typing all my notes from today and load the pictures. It takes forever. May never do this again because it took so long. I'm avoiding Facebook and Twitter because I missed "The Bachelor" tonight. I move the computer to bed because Joe's going to bed.

12:34 Finally finished. Joe's asleep. I'm out.


Megan said...

Loved reading about your day. Might just have to do something like this myself. :)

Lani said...

I have always wanted to do this too. There is no way people can say stay at home mommies don't do anything. You have completely proven that wrong. I'm more tired just reading about your day!

P.s. I still need to meet that little man!!

Jennifer said...

Sounds a lot like my days! My favorite part is Madeline using a story about taxes to stall :-)