April 2, 2012

We had fun even if we didn't go frog hunting

Before I start my lengthy weekend recap: Oh my, Joe and I have been basking in the bliss of discovering a new show we both like. It’s called “Duck Dynasty” and I’m in love.


I never would have dreamed that I would like a show in which one star sits in a huge camouflage recliner and eats squirrel while another wears a camouflage robe while yet another thinks frog hunting is the most fun one can have in life.

It’s pretty much the ultimate antithesis to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

For the record, Jase is my favorite but Phil is pretty unbelievable too. I will warn you, I’ve looked away several times because I’m extremely squeamish. I can’t handle “CSI” or any horror film and now I can add beheading frogs with a cleaver and skinning squirrels to the list. 

But dude. This show is so worth it.

Anyways. On Friday night, we headed out for the monthly cousin game night. My mom called on the way and asked if they could take Madeline out for frozen yogurt. We u-turned and met them at Huddles because how can we deny a little girl some Mimi, Poppi and sprinkles? She was totally dressed for the occasion in her pink cowboy hat, Big Sister shirt and Minnie Mouse shoes.

My parents asked if she could spend the night if we wanted to stay out late which sounds even better to everyone involved. So we kissed our little girl goodnight and headed to the party. It was a night of games, snacks and storytelling. I laughed too much and ate a life-altering snack, bacon-wrapped water chestnuts. We stayed out way past our bedtime.

Even though we were dead tired when we got home, we managed to squeeze in one more “Duck Dynasty” episode before falling asleep.

On Saturday morning, I fed Caleb, did my BSF study and made cornbread and sausage for breakfast. After Joe woke up, we drank our coffee and tea and went to pick up our girl. We spent some time with my parents, which meant my dad pushed Caleb around the house in his office chair. For some reason, Poppi and the baby love this.

Then we headed up to Joe’s mom’s house to complete all happiness in Madeline’s childhood: her first horse ride. 
I hope I never forget her face or her excitement. It was precious.
I'm not sure we'll ever be able to top this.
We went home and nothing exciting happened the evening except rounds and rounds of Skip-Bo. Joe and I are neck and neck right now.

Caleb was up a lot through the night and I’m so ready for him to sleep straight through. In the morning, Joe let me sleep in again. (Bless him.) When I woke up, Joe and Madeline were playing chess. I truly hope she learns that game with him because mama is more of a non-strategy/non-heavy thinking type girl herself. Like Scrabble, Boggle and all card games.

Joe ran out for a bit and called me to say he had a flat tire. Nothing’s dampens a blissful afternoon like the sudden impending cost of car tires.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in our front yard. Madeline laid out her blanket and pillow under a tree and ran down to the sidewalk every time a person walked by with a dog. Her latest thing is to invite anyone up on our front porch which makes me laugh. One neighbor and her son said yes, making Madeline giddy with excitement. Between her bike, chalk and toys, she was quickly overwhelmed by how much she wanted to show them and I had to keep reminding her to calm down. She makes it so easy for us to meet neighbors and that makes me so happy.

We came inside when it started to get dark and worked on our “Sense of the Resurrection” craft. We read the story of how Jesus was arrested and Madeline wanted to draw a picture of “the bad guys and Jesus and all the swords.” It left a big impression on her how Peter cut off a soldier’s ear. We watched “Madagascar 2” as our Sunday night movie. (I love Moto Moto. “The name so nice you say it twice.”)

We finally captured Caleb laughing on camera. I confess I've watched this video about 30 times. My son is uber adorable.


Megan said...

I so wish we lived in Indy so we could be friends for real! Your weekends are so boring (like ours) and yet so fun, all at the same time!! :)

And dude. I'm with you on the let's get this baby to start sleeping more at night. This beats college weariness hands down! Maybe that's because I was 22 then and now I'm 32. :) Hmmm. To ponder ... when I'm not so stinking tired!

Megan said...

Oh gosh. And I totally forgot my reason for leaving a comment in the first place ... :)

Caleb's laugh is precious. No wonder you've listened to it a gazillion times already. Precious.

Lani said...

I need to meet that little boy and I have a pretty sweet little girl that you need to meet as well. In case you hadn't noticed, I have decided to keep my blog a bit more current. I read all my posts in about 15 minutes the other day and realized that a lot of the things I had written about had already left my memory. I plan to do better from now on. :) Hope to see you soon!!