January 28, 2013

Sybil + Branson 4EVER

So I was going to write a weekend wrap-up full of happy moments and shiny objects. And then I watched "Downton Abbey" and now it's slightly ridiculous how sad I am.

Do not read if you didn't watch last night's episode.

Are you looking away if you need to??

Don't make me feel bad if you don't know what's coming.


Here goes...

Dear Julian Fellowes,

I will trade you Daisy, Edith, Matthew, Mrs. Crawley and, 
after watching his emotionless response to his daughter's death, 
Lord Grantham in exchange for Lady Sybil. 

If that's not enough, I will give you Bates and Anna, too. 
I would throw in O'Brien but nobody wants her anyway.

Just bring Sybil back.

You've had some pretty ridiculous story lines before 
so we would believe you if Lady Sybil is nearly buried alive 
but Branson hears knocking inside the coffin and 
rips it apart with his mechanic-strong hands. 

You can write anything! 
Be creative! 
Just bring her back.

Weeping in Indy
So now that's done, I'll do my best to rewind the weekend.

Friday night was Madeline's first-ever slumber party. My friend Jaime's daughter turned 6 and invited 12 girls to spend the night. As you can imagine, Jaime's house was completely serene and quiet when I dropped Madeline off.

Or maybe it was chaos, happy screaming and streamers flying everywhere. I can't remember.

I stalked Jaime's Instagram all night. I was rewarded with pictures like this.
 Of course, Madeline took Merida Bear with her. Can you spot the two of them?

Jaime said all the girls were asleep by midnight (midnight, y'all!) and when I picked Madeline up on Saturday morning, I could see in her eyes how tired she was.

(I really was totally fine with that because remember how fun slumber parties were? It makes me smile when I get to watch Madeline experience things I loved. But she did nap hard on Saturday afternoon.)

We buckled in the car and I asked how it was. Her answer: "It was cray-cray, mama." I'm raising her right, folks.

After I dropped her at home with Joe, I went grocery shopping because we were out of everything. Seriously. My list included basics like peanut butter, eggs, milk, bread, toilet paper, dish soap, etc. Everything. It was a pretty hefty shopping trip.

That afternoon, I read the last four chapters of "A Little Princess" to Madeline because we're incapable of self-control when a book is ending. Then we ran over to my parents' to get the VHS 1986 version of "A Little Princess." I remember watching it so many times. I was slightly obsessed with this story. 

The word you're looking for is "nerd."

(Sidenote: I have learned that most people do not own VCRs anymore. Do you? Do you think I'm weird for still owning one? Because we don't own a single Disney DVD. Why pay full money when you can borrow from your parents' extensive Disney VHS collection and buy them for $.50 at Goodwill?)

Anyways, this adaptation is a whopping 180 minutes so we watched half of it on Saturday night and half on Sunday night. It was so long that it was two videotapes. Just like "Titanic". Anyone still with me on this?

Madeline really loved the book even though I thought there was no way she could understand half of it. It's very wordy but she totally followed the storyline and picked up on things I thought would go over her head.

She also will not stop talking about "The Magic." That also makes me smile. We read my childhood copy and I loved to look at this picture of "The Magic" when I was little. Now she loves to look it. 
Random, but on Saturday night, Joe made me a hot chocolate with two cocoa packets and a dollop of chocolate icing. It was magnificent.

Now try to enjoy your week in a world without Sybil.

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Jen said...

We were stunned when we watched it. So stunned. :(

Mary summed it up perfectly--"She was the only one that thought both of us were nice"