March 26, 2014

Maddie the Detective is back. Of course.

I'm weird about dirty dishes. Sometimes I can ignore a whole counter piled high and not be bothered until we run out of forks. Other times, I can't focus on anything else until the counters are cleared and wiped down, even if it's just a few breakfast dishes.

Today was a day when I could not handle the sight of the messy kitchen so I told Madeline we would start school late and she could play until I was done. After her chores, she went in Caleb's room where much giggling abounded. I tried to peek in at one point but Madeline insisted on surprising me with something. I didn't know what that meant but no one was screaming so I went back to the kitchen.

Finally, I finished and my surprise was ready. I walked in and she was nearly beside herself with glee and trembling and announced, "I organized Caleb's room!" Now, in full disclosure, his room was bad. I had let it go the last few weeks and tried to not look around whenever I went in there. But my little people-pleasing firstborn straightened it up for me, cleaned under his crib and dressers and organized his diapers and wipes.

Her heart loves to serve others and she's just so precious to me.
Caleb is still Cheeky around here. I love that he still has such a baby face at times. I took this picture during school at the table. He wanted to sit on my lap but I have about five square centimeters of available lap space these days. I hate telling him no but there just isn't room so he settled for climbing on the side of the chair and hanging on, just to be close to me.

I love this little boy.
Madeline received a Paula Deen kids cookbook for Christmas from her aunt and uncle. (She still calls her "Paula Deen-ya" and no one better correct her.) She studies this book, I kid you not. When I told her last week we were going to a St. Patrick's Day party, she immediately told me all about a green punch "that's great for parties and PERFECT for St. Patrick's Day." She made it and it was a delicious hit.

Today, she made Applewiches from the cookbook for the first time. Sliced apples smeared with peanut butter and a slice of sharp cheddar cheese in between. She and Caleb devoured them so I'm guessing they were tasty. I did not partake because peanut butter has been dead to me this pregnancy (except in chocolate/peanut butter/banana smoothies, the ONLY exception).
A couple weeks ago, Madeline read "Nancy Clancy." It's the little girl from the "Fancy Nancy" series but it's a chapter book and Nancy is all about detective work. Well, Madeline immediately got into detective mode and spend days around our house in her trench coat (bathrobe) solving mysteries in her notebook. It led to awesome moments like this:
She finished the book quickly and while she waited to get the second book from the library, her detective passion waned a little bit. We picked up the second book a couple days ago so she's since donned the trench coat once again and sneaks around our house, hoping Joe and I don't spot her. 

I found a note on the kitchen table last night after she went to bed. It read, "Yes! Of course, I am back!" This morning, I asked her what that meant and she said Maddie the Detective was back at work and she just wanted to warn me.

I truly never know what's she going to be up to next.

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Jennifer said...

We still have her detective business cards on our fridge :-)