July 2, 2014

Lucy Eileen

Two months ago, my 37 week belly and I went to my doctor's appointment and was told I needed to have the baby in the morning.

It was unexpected and startling but exciting. There was a brief whirlwind of a huge range of emotions, calling Joe to meet me at the hospital, figuring out what Joe needed to bring from home and making calls to determine where the Madeline and Caleb would go for the next couple of days.

But I'll always remember the sweet hour when Madeline and Caleb came over and we watched cartoons and took our last pictures as a family of four.
The next morning, on the last day of April, I walked down a long hallway, laid down on an operating table and held Joe's hand as we met our beautiful baby girl and her abundant cheeks. She was completely healthy and we were completely happy.
In true Joe and Katie fashion, we finally picked her name when she was two days old. She's our Lucy Eileen, my light at dawn.
She has thick, dark hair and big, blue eyes and the sweetest, softest skin. She is calm in the midst of our noisy, messy home and loves to just watch the chaos swirl around her. She loves to be held and doesn't mind when her sister and brother kiss her 20 times a day.
She is an easy, easy baby who loves to eat and sleep and eat and sleep and smile and then eat and sleep some more. She is big and strong and has all four of us wrapped around two pinky fingers and two pinky toes.
While very loved, she's also a typical third child. She and her easygoing personality go everywhere with us. Lucy ate lunch in Jimmy John's when she was 8 days old, probably thinks Target is her childhood home and chills at the pool almost daily.
She is an amazing gift to our family, the perfect addition to our family circle and I'm still pinching myself to check that this is my reality. 

I'm so so grateful for my Lucy Eileen.

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nosmallthing said...

Congratulations! She's such a beautiful blessing!